Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fall Orlando Bass Fishing Season

It's the end of September and there are signs of Fall all around us with cooler weather from the fronts that are coming from the North and bass that are biting extremely aggressively. It's exciting for me to have my clients experience this type of bass fishing as we transition from Summer to a Fall pattern.

Fall bass fishing in Orlando generally brings us heavy feeding from bass as they chase baitfish on the surface and feed much longer throughout the day. Because of the cooler air temps and cooler water temps lure options are quite diverse as the morning bite is consisting of rattle traps, topwater frogs and soft jerkbaits. Later in the day we are switching to texas rigged worms.

Water quality throughout Orlando area lakes is awesome as we have excellent water levels and current flow in most lakes keeping water clarity very high for this time of year.

Moving into October the Orlando Bass Fishing forecast is for continued feeding with air temperatures stabilizing below 90 degrees. Current in Orlando lakes will begin to taper off as we are not getting as much rainfall as we were with the hurricanes.

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