Saturday, April 20, 2019

Terence Crawford VS Amir Khan

Normally, I would only use this Blog as a way to post updates about what clients are catching or some useful fishing tips.

But as of late I have found myself analyzing the different sports I watch along with the athletes who I believe to be some of the best ever.

This post will cover the upcoming ESPN Pay Per view Terence Crawford fight vs Amir Khan. It's an interesting choice for Terence "Bud" Crawford to make as Amir Khan isn't a marquee name any longer nor does he pose any real threat to Crawford's title.

Sure, Amir Khan fans will jump to the conclusion that I'm a hater but that isn't accurate of any athlete I analyze. And is no different in the case of Amir.

Lets look at the fighters to see how I got to my conclusion.

Terence Crawford is one of the highest risk takers in the ring that I have seen as of late. Others will brawl which can be seen as taking risks but in Buds case, he isn't looking to trade punches instead looking to create an opening or cause a mistake he can capitalize on via constant pressure on offense.

Triple G follows the same tactic but openly acknowledges that he believes in the Mexican style of taking punches rather than avoid them.

Bud has adopted traits from some of the absolute best fighters without committing to any one aspect of their style. Much like Bruce Lee did, he has taken what he believes to be the best of other styles and master them and then incorporated it into his own style.

Who has he adopted traits from?

Sweet Pea Pernel Whitaker is one of the first I recognize in his style. When an opponent comes forward Bud uses a step back that isn't straight up but actually dips a bit under the opponent and then counters. It creates space and time so that his vision sees everything coming at him and slows it down. The best counter I ever saw was his fight against Jose Benavidez Jr. In one motion, Bud hesitates, looks down and sees the cross uppercut about to come and counters with his own. To have that skill to actually look down and see his hand is a step above what everyone else is doing.

Floyd Mayweather. Bud might not ever acknowledge this one but its obvious his shoulder roll come from Mayweather and comes out in a similar manner. He only does it sparingly but it shows his understanding of when and where to incorporate it. I also believe his check right hook out of the southpaw stance comes from Mayweather as it follows a similar path even though it comes from an opposite stance.

Add the skills from those two boxers to the knowledge he has along with speed and vision it means all opponents are underdogs before entering the ring.

But in Amir Khans case its different. Amir is a boxer who needs space and movement. He doesn't like to engage unless its on his terms and will choose to run rather than create openings. His style doesn't make for a great fight against Bud Crawford but because Bud isn't the chasing type we will see the ring get cut off and Amir in the corner and against the ropes a lot tonight.

Both situations put Amir in a disadvantage and will cause him to get knocked out.

His coach and fight predictors will look to highlight Amirs length, speed and footwork to give him the edge of Terence Bud Crawford.

I'm here to predict that none of that will happen and Amir will go peek a boo guard and get dropped with a body shot first and then have the towel thrown in by his corner to avoid further damage.

I expect the fight to be over by the 5th round unless Amir literally rides a bicycle around the ring for the whole fight.

Disagree? Feel free to put up your own predictions and we'll see who had it right after. :)